A safe space to find yourself

Counselling online and in Bristol with Clare Benjamin

“Clare’s counselling has transformed my life. Her support has enabled me to recognise my worth, identify unhelpful beliefs and realise that things could get better. I gradually overcame depression, improved my self-esteem and learned ways of coping with my anxiety.”

– ‘Bronwen’
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You may be seeking counselling as a way to make sense of your feelings or experiences, or to look at your relationships. 

The reasons you are seeking support are very individual to you. 

Perhaps you are struggling with choices, feeling stuck, or noticing an unhelpful pattern or past trauma showing up. 

Above all you may be wanting something to change – and looking for a safe way to explore this.

As a qualified counsellor, and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) member, I am committed to working in an ethical way. I understand how tough it can be to consider opening up. Read more about me here.

Counselling can be a safe space to take a good look at your life

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

– James Baldwin, writer

In your counselling sessions, we can look at any difficulties you’re facing, that may feel hard to resolve on your own.  Together we can start to build a sense of where you’ve come from, and what brought you here.

We can also begin to look at where you may be going,  exploring what choices are open to you about your future direction – with respect for your life experience.

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Working together, we will create…

A safe space to

explore what’s troubling you

honour your hopes, desires and dreams

identify changes you want to make

acknowledge struggles along the way 

discover ways to tap into your intuitive knowing

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Resources for you…

The challenge of living with uncertainty is one coming up strongly for many of us now. I am offering some thoughts on this in a series of posts. In my first blog I look at some feelings that this situation may be bringing up.

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