A safe space to find yourself

Counselling offers you a safe space to find yourself

A safe space to






A safe space to experience


I will accompany you on your search to gain more understanding of your experience.

This may involve noticing how different parts of yourself show up in your life: such as a vulnerable, judging, vibrant, or playful part.

Any parts of your inner experience, and of your experience of being in the world and with others that you are struggling with, can be worked with in a supportive environment – at the pace and depth that is right for you.

A safe space to express


You don’t have to put on a ‘brave face’ or focus on others’ needs in the therapy room.

In this confidential setting, we can notice your needs and put them first. Your voice and your story will be listened to, and heard.

This is a place where you can choose to share and express thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, that may have felt too difficult, embarrassing or shameful to look at alone.

A safe space to explore


We can explore what’s brought you here.

We can look at the choices and coping strategies that were available to you in the past, and discover what can be available now.

Noticing what is meaningful to you, we will be curious about exploring your rich inner life, with it’s images, humour, dreams and intuition. 


We can discover what resources, inspires and grounds you, giving you more sense of connection, and vitality.

Together we can experiment with ways to embed these elements more firmly into your life, and recognise any barriers you may face.

If we meet difficulties, experimenting with resolving them in sessions, may translate into resolving challenges in your life outside.

A safe space to empower


We can investigate obstacles that get in the way of your gaining more trust in your judgement and experience. 

Finding ways in your sessions to harness your resources to overcome those obstacles, can help to strengthen your sense of self-worth.

When ready to end your counselling, you may feel more empowered to move on – with a little less judgement of, and more compassion for yourself.

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