A safe space to find yourself

How we will work together in our counselling sessions

“My sessions with Clare have been insightful and empowering. They’ve helped me shift my perspective, improve self-esteem and set healthier boundaries. Clare consistently creates a safe and supportive space, in which I felt 100% comfortable sharing.”

– ‘Anna’

Starting from your concerns

Your sessions will focus on your concerns. I will not be advising you on what to do, but support you in taking a good look at your life.

Exploring how you want to move forward

Is my approach right for you?

As a relational and integrative counsellor, I draw on a range of approaches, and adapt and tailor these each person I see. My priority is to support you in taking a good look at your life, building a relationship of trust in which you can feel safe to share what you need to, at the pace that’s right for you.

Working in a humanistic person-centred way, I will meet you with warmth, acceptance and empathy, as we delve together into what’s troubling you. As we work together, we can also identify and recognise what is meaningful to you, energises and inspires you in your life.

In our work together, I also draw on a psychodynamic understanding of attachment and of how our past can shape our present – that is how our early relationships with parents or caregivers, can impact on our relationships and our way of being in the present. This may involve looking back to support you in being more fully present, and in moving forwards, to help resource you with more awareness and understanding of how past influences may show up in your life now.

As an Internal Family Systems (IFS) counsellor, I will also support you to notice and explore different parts of yourself and how these can show up in your life: such as the parts of you that may be more vulnerable, the managing parts that can help you to cope with daily life, and the firefighting parts that may kick in when all else fails and if you may be in need of comfort, distraction, or escape. In my experience, noticing, welcoming and understanding these parts of ourselves – which we all have – can help us to become connected to a more whole and vital sense of Self.

I understand how tough it can be to open up and look at what feels unresolved or stuck in your life. As we work together, we will bring in creative and somatic ways to access the unconscious, intuitive wisdom to be found in your images, dreams, gestures and bodily knowing. Resourcing you with calming and grounding techniques in your sessions and for use in home practice will help looking at difficult or painful material to feel more manageable for your system. Your sessions can equip and resource you with personalised wellbeing tools for body and mind.

Together, we can explore how you want to move forward in the way that feels right for you.

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Being human with you in your human struggles

“What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?”

– George Eliot, writer.

In our work together, I will not be a remote ‘expert’ – I will be human with you in your human struggles.

Counselling may feel challenging at times – as it offers the chance to face and grieve for losses – whether of loved ones, or of parts of yourself – losses that may have been suppressed.

We can explore what you want to change and obstacles in your path. We can also explore ways to tackle those obstacles, by unearthing and unlocking the resources within you.

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Session fee
£65 for in person and online sessions, currently available.

Finding ways to unlock the resources within you

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